If one likes something, he will find a reasons to be involved. Initially, we have only two points that we have to pass — begin and end of our life. During our life other people constantly suggest us to include some other points in our path, sometimes we struggle with it, sometimes we instantly go there. If you don't suggest anybody your point, nobody will ever pass it. If you do suggest, others should like it. Again, they can find the reasons themselves or they can take your reasons, but they should like the point. This is why appearance is the king. Your ideas must glow!

I always denied the fact, that visual images have influence on me. I know people that say, it has no matter. I can't argue for everybody, but looking back at my life, I always had a bias toward beauty and visibly simple things, despite I am deep technical guy and despite I started growing-up in Soviet Union, where it was very little of beauty in technical things (generally, but some was great).

I can provide an example of such bias. As it later become clear, having very doubtful opportunities to sell CRM solutions (at inception I had technical experience not focused on sales and was outside of appropriate communities), especially to sell high-price (for Russia) solutions like bpm'online (now I realize how poorly I understood possible customers), I tried once to start CRM project business, being impressed by great vendor conferences. Of course, it skilled me in important things and eventually I found great IT job. ;-)

I have another example. I am really under impression of Codegarden17. The conference was in June 2017, now it is January 2018. And somehow I want to be related to Umbraco CMS. I struggle with it, because it have no sense within the boundaries of my career. I left web development in 2007 to concentrate on career toward telecom IT, later changed to business process automation. Rambling between coding and managing, I'm still going from programming to managing duties over the last decade. What good can give me the passion to .NET CMS in Russia, where web development is mostly associated with cheap PHP programming? During a half of last year I tried to figure it out. I have my personal list of lacking skills I need to develop, and I review it sometime. I denied myself to write «Umbraco» in it. I really have no time. But, I'm constantly catching myself on thinking of it. I started to study about Denmark. I raised my English during last year very much. I even started to listen Danish podcasts. You may see, such way it skills me in important things.

Do you believe that everything in life have it's goal? Being technical guy, I'm not sure. No evidence. We only can hope, that things we doing are valuable, but to discover real value, time should be passed. Once we reach our final point, probably, very little value will be left on the table.

I am sorry, I started to write how appearance matter for your ideas, but come to thinking about final value. To speak the point I have to say, appearance, which includes design, presentation, events, have dramatic value on your business, because:

  1. People are looking for influence. Even technical people.
  2. Often, we have no other signals of right things, except it.