If one likes something he will find a reasons to be involved with it, and vice versa, if one dislike subject too much, he will throw whatever it may be, despite any rational proof. It is human nature. Below I explain why.

Initially, we have only two points that we have to pass — begin and end of our life. We define our path on the way. Because we have no predefined points, our behaviour is completely dependent on what we like. We learn what we do, we tend to do what we like — this is interrelated things.

During our life other people constantly suggest (in various forms) us to include their points in our path. Sometimes we struggle with it, sometimes (if we like it and we are easy to change ourself at the moment) we instantly take their points.

This is why appearance of any idea is so much important for it’s popularity. Look at blockchain for instance — so much people are interested in it! Even in countryside.