What can be expected in a situation, when a team indifferent to the subject they are working on?

There are the number of popular approaches — Code First (means the code is written first, then a database schema is generated) and Head First (means the architecture is thought first, then the code is written). I introduce another one — Taking Responsibility First (TRF), the real first thing in this chain.

TRF means that a project manager, a solution architect and a team first takes responsibility to solve a business problem with a solution. It has to be from the heart, that's why the culture makes more outcomes than money just invested into a technology. Ever. Who invests in the culture wins.

The difference between people reading this how they understand the investment. How do you? Are you thinking about money or your personal energy you put into a team? It's different dimensions naturally. Culture can't be just bought, it has to be built and kept. Just like responsibility, truly fragile thing.

Digitalization is the culture, TRF then technologies.