Global DevOps Bootcamp 2020 in Innopolis

The Innopolis University became the venue of Global DevOps Bootcamp — the event for IT-engineers and software developers involving more than 35 countries and 10 000 participants.

The date of the event — 24th October 2020 (Saturday).

Here what it was the last year:

What is that?

Global DevOps Bootcamp (GDBC) is a team contest in DevOps and SRE practices. GDBC is open for newbies and professionals that want to acquire the skills or demonstrate their high level. We declare the principle — to learn you have to try.

Challenges are accompanied by fascinating stories about real IT-problems of modern enterprises. Many of them can be solved by DevOps newcomers with search, documentation and suggestions in the challenge materials. My own experience of the last year →

Join The DevOps Rebellion!

Join The DevOps Rebellion!

Join The DevOps Rebellion!

Can you skip the event?

If your infrastructure isn't code and software isn't auto-deployed, you have to try DevOps once instead of listening about it 100 times. Want to be effective? Come, participate, learn.

If you are cool in DevOps meet your strongest rivals in the world! The contest is moving around the globe by following the sun. It means, when you start the first challenge in Innopolis, Asian teams will be close to a finish — soon you could shift them down, but European teams, starting a bit later, will be pushing at your position.

If you are a student, come and see how business value delivery works in the modern software industry!

P.S. Sorry, but event is cancelled due to COVID-19.