Global DevOps Bootcamp 2020 in Innopolis

This year Mobile TeleSystems (MTS), the company I work for, participate in the Global DevOps Bootcamp as a local organizer in Innopolis (Russia, Republic of Tatarstan). We are one of the sites of the event which covers about 35 countries and gathers 10 000 of the attendees.

Global DevOps Bootcamp (GDBC) is a team contest in DevOps and SRE practices. The global organizers already have a lot of fascinating challenges, the global sponsor ready to provide the cloud resources (Azure) for the teams, tens of local partners are ready to open its venues this year.

The topic of 2020 is — Join The DevOps Rebellion!

Join The DevOps Rebellion!

Join The DevOps Rebellion!

Participants of the previous years' event, like me, improved knowledge in Infrastructure As Code, CI / CD and DevSecOps, learned why they failed the last year (sure, this year something new would be challenging) and started to rub their hands waiting for the event date which was 30 May 2020. But, this spring everyone got a special challenge about social distancing and GDBC was shifted to 24 October 2020.

The quarantine will be over and we are ready to get the maximum of pleasure solving challenges offline.

Being a participant of the last year event in Moscow and as an organizer at the Innopolis site this year, I sincerely recommend you to attend the Global DevOps Bootcamp. The short video about the last year:

Is it possible to skip the event?

Some people are visiting GDBC to touch the actual technologies and cases about DevOps.

If at your workplace infrastructure isn't a code, nothing is built and deployed automatically (it seems strange that you are still working there), you need to participate in GDBC to feel what is the speed of solving problems and cost of fixing errors using a modern approach. Having your hands dirty is better than listen about it 100 times.

If you are so cool in DevOps that you think like there are no rivals in the world to compete you, go and check — at the big screen you'll see a table with thousands of teams, that can be higher than yours. The contest is going around the globe following the sun. It means, when you start your first challenge in Innopolis, Sidney would be closer to finish and soon you could shift them down, but Amsterdam, starting a couple of hours later, will push to your position.

If you are a student, remember, there's no modern development without DevOps.

Come with your notebooks to MTS in Technopark of Innopolis city 24 October 2020. Now register using Eventbrite →