CRM project in telecommunications

2009 — 2012 at Seven Sky (Aroma Lesk, LLC)

Project role — Solution architect + PM

About the company

Company "Seven Sky" was established in 2008 by merging of the two local broadband telecom operators in the Moscow region (Russia) with joint coverage of 30 thousands of households. It became a united brand for a telecom business that achieved over 200 thousands of subscribers of the Internet and IPTV in Moscow and Moscow region.

The strategy of the new company was a fast expansion with external investment and acquisition.

Project goals

Key goals to be achieved by the CRM project was:

  1. Increase transparency of the customer-related and the service processes.
  2. Foster rapid transformation of the service processes in the acquired operators to a target process.

While reducing the costs, achieving the goals of the CRM project made the entire company more attractive for investment.

The progress and results of the project

The project started in 2009. My initial tasks were the business and the systems analysis. I collected the requirements, wrote the technical solution draft, formalized the criteria, matched against it the top 12 available solutions on the market, made a shortlist and managed the deep comparison of the most matching 3.

We selected the Terrasoft CRM platform — well-known at that time. The choice, in General, paid off. In the initial phase, it was decided to implement a solution by the supplier, then train our technical staff and continue to develop the solution independently.

In the fall of 2009, vendor implementation and training were conducted.

In 2010 it became clear that the configuration, we opted to as a base configuration because of the best (for that moment) coverage of the service processes, limits us more than we wanted to. Therefore, in 2010 and 2011 we changed the solution deeply, in fact, we replaced most of the configuration, mainly relying on the base platform itself.

In 2011 and 2012 there were changes in the company management, a complete redesign of the business processes and the huge expansion by acquisitions of the other ISP businesses. At that moment there was re-analysis of all the IT solutions. IT landscape had been greatly changed, with some systems being replaced and decommissioned. As a result of the analysis of the alternatives and our CRM solution, our CRM solution was recognized as the most suitable for the business.

From 2012 and until I left company in 2014, we continuously solved the business problems using the technology we had mastered. Starting from 2012 I gradually moved my focus to another project.

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